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Departments can capture their exam details and print requirements for the Examinations Office via the Department Menu.

Students can access their personal exam timetable with their Student Number (when the link is activated prior to exam time).

The second provisional timetable is now published on the examinations website, electronic copies will be distributed by Tuesday, 2 September 2019. For sound academic reasons, changes may ONLY be requested by Heads of academic departments. Due to complexity of managing examinations, changes will not be considered because of preferences or convenience of individual students or lecturers. Should you have any queries regarding the dates and times of any courses, please follow the process below: • Errors or omissions must be reported via email to anthea.williams@uct.ac.za, by Friday, 06 September 2019. • To report a clash, a student may complete a clash form at the Student Records Office, Level 4 in the Masingene Building. Please note that an exam in the morning and an exam in the afternoon of the same day DO NOT constitute a clash.

Extract from 2015 Handbook 3: GENERAL RULES AND POLICIES


You are reminded of Rule G24.1, which reads:

Where work is examined under invigilation conditions, the script(s) will be retained by the department concerned until 31 March of the following year and will not be returned to the student. A student may, by 30 September for the first semester examinations whose results have been formally confirmed by the Faculty Examination Committee (FEC), or by 31 March of the following year for second semester examinations or first semester examinations whose results were only confirmed by the FEC in December:

  1. apply to the department for a copy of the script(s) which must be made available on payment of the prescribed fee; and/or
  2. apply to the department to be allowed to see his/her script(s)
Should you have any problems, please contact the Examinations Office


(021) 650 3692/4